In the last video, Brent modified the rear fenders to make them fit the overall look of the bed much better. In this one he’s working on the rear of the chassis, to get it ready for some paint and other work. It’s getting the laser treatment as he’s going to blast rust off of it with a trick laser he bought online. This is one cool project and you are going to dig it. There is so much more to come, but we hope this video inspires you to get out in the shop to work on your stuff too. Check it out and let us know what you think.

This project is one that Brent has had sitting around for some time and has just been waiting to get back onto it. It isn’t your average 1949 GMC, as it is mounted on a modified Caprice chassis and has had the top chopped off of it. The plan is for it to have a removable Carson style top, lots of custom metal work, and more. It’s going to be a full custom style ride but that means it needs A LOT of work. One thing I find funny is that while in most circumstances you want to start a project with the cleanest and straightest ride you can, but when you are building a custom that is going to get a lot of custom metal work anyway, then why not start with something rough? This truck certainly qualifies.

In previous videos, Brent pancaked the hood on this thing, modified the fenders, planned out the bumper, shortened the chassis, shaved stuff, built a one off custom bed and more. There is a lot going on with this project and a lot planned for this thing, although to say that might make you think there is a whole list of what is going to happen to it. But that isn’t exactly Brent’s speed. He works as he goes, tries stuff to see how it looks, and will cut and weld and remove and replace, until it has the look he wants. We love it and it is inspiring.


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