Helm is excited to announce the third installment in its limited series of 20 Jaguar E-type Series 1 launches: The Rhode Island Commission. Destined for a discerning client in New England, this bespoke E-type will make its debut at the renowned Newport Concours, showcasing Helm’s unparalleled craftsmanship and engineering to an enthusiastic American audience.

A Legend Reimagined
“The E-type is rightfully considered an icon in automotive design,” says Helm founder Chedeen Battick, “but I have always felt that it deserves a performance to match. The Rhode Island Commission continues our mission to leverage modern best practices in build and engineering to create the ultimate E-type, meeting today’s driver expectations without compromise.”

Cutting-Edge Enhancements
Helm has focused on enhancing the driving experience with a strengthened chassis and engine frames, along with a bespoke Öhlins suspension system and a newly hand-crafted air intake. The car’s striking metallic emerald green paintwork is achieved using advanced Electrophoretic body coating techniques, ensuring uniform thickness and superior corrosion resistance.

Technological upgrades include front and rear parking aids, and an immersive infotainment system featuring a seven-speaker Apple Airplay system and hands-free Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring the E-type is as practical as it is beautiful.

Luxurious Interior by Bill Amberg
In collaboration with Bill Amberg Studio, Helm has created a sumptuous interior using a blend of aniline European calf hide and calf suede in a rich Ochre hue. This contrasts beautifully with the emerald green exterior and the bespoke aluminum paneling throughout the interior. “The original E-type was rather let down by its black plastic interior,” notes Amberg. “The new interior matches the promise of the exterior – such a classic car deserves a luxurious experience behind the wheel.”

The Rhode Island Commission includes a matching luggage set: two trademark Bill Amberg Rocket bags and two Weekender bags, secured with handmade leather straps, adding a touch of bespoke luxury to every journey.

A Partnership of Excellence
The ongoing collaboration between Chedeen Battick and Bill Amberg, both passionate about British craftsmanship and design, has yielded a vehicle that seamlessly blends luxury with modernity. Their shared ethos is evident in every detail of the Rhode Island Commission, from the luxurious materials to the precision engineering.

Preserving and Elevating a Classic
Helm’s mission is to preserve the art of the E-type for future generations while elevating it to the pinnacle of contemporary luxury. With modern technology and techniques, Malcolm Sayer’s original vision for the E-type is now fully realized. This is the E-type as it always should have been.

The Ultimate E-Type
Helm represents the culmination of Chedeen Battick’s lifetime of dedication to E-type restoration. With over a decade of experience, Battick has poured his passion into creating the ultimate E-type. “I wanted to create the ultimate E-type, respecting its history but enhancing its drive, build, and performance with the finest materials and British craftsmanship, combined with the highest standards of modern engineering,” says Battick. “Each component reflects our commitment to love, care, and attention to detail.”

The Rhode Island Commission stands as a testament to this commitment, offering an unparalleled blend of classic elegance and modern performance.

Key Specs and Features:

  • Chassis: Strengthened for better performance
  • Suspension: Custom Ohlins system
  • Air Intake: Hand-crafted
  • Paint: Metallic emerald green with advanced corrosion-resistant coating
  • Tech Upgrades:
    • Front and rear parking aids
    • Infotainment system with seven-speaker Apple Airplay
    • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Interior:
    • Luxurious leather by Bill Amberg Studio in Ochre
    • Bespoke aluminum trim
    • Matching luggage set with handmade leather straps

Source: Helm Motorcars
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