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Hit-And-Run Driver Caught Thanks To An Apple AirPod

We see hit-and-run stories all the time, but some of the worst are ones involving kids. But this one has a nice twist because a teenager’s Apple AirPod inadvertently helped with the capture of the man who hit him.

The infamous Belltown Hellcat owner’s legal problems keep getting worse.

The 15-year-old was riding his bicycle past a gas station at night when a man in a crossover pulled in front, causing the teen to crash into the passenger side. The badly injured kid was left in the darkness all alone as the driver took off.

While the teenager was rushed to the hospital for treatment, he realized one of the AirPods he had in his ears at the time of the crash was missing. It didn’t take long for police to realize it had ended up inside the suspect’s vehicle after the teen’s head crashed through one of the side windows.

Unlike some headphones, Apple has a tracking ability for AirPods so you can find yours if you lose them. Normally that’s great so you don’t have to buy a new pair just because you misplaced them, but in this place the AirPod led police straight to the suspect’s house.

Once there, they found the damaged crossover on the property with a cover over it. When asked why he ran, the suspect said he had recently been in jail for drug charges and didn’t want to go back.

Ironically, had he stayed at the scene of the crash, the guy would’ve probably just been given a citation and had to pay a fine. But since he fled the scene of an accident involving bodily harm, he was arrested and taken back to jail.

If you’re in a crash, never just drive away. Stay on the scene, call the police, and wait until an officer says you can leave. Just like running from police, fleeing the scene of an accident only makes things worse.

Image via NBC 6 South Florida/YouTube

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