HOAs, while they have their benefits, can also be the worst. If you get the wrong Karens on the board or worse as the president, theyll wield their unchecked power like Gandalf with the One Ring. So many times, the favorite target of these HOA tyrants are peoples cars. But a report from WPLG in South Florida is particularly disgusting since it involves a dead mans Dodge Chargers being towed on the day of his funeral.

Watch some Good Samaritans stop a wrong-way driver peacefully here.

Thats right, the grieving widow claims the HOA president knew she was planning a funeral and the day of had a towing company come and take her dead husbands vehicles away. Weve seen some pretty low stuff, but if the claims are true, this is pretty low.

WPLG sent a reporter to the condo complex where the Dodge Chargers were towed away to speak with the HOA president. She seemed completely normal while yelling at the reporter, eyes wide like what you see in so many Karen videos. In fact, lets just call the woman Crazy Eyes because these types always nail the Gollum eye thing perfectly.

Ol Crazy Eyes claims the recently widowed woman didnt call anyone about anything. Yes, because after her husband died suddenly of a heart attack, that would obviously be the first thing on her mind. Crazy Eyes went on to claim she didnt know the womans husband had just died, saying she only heard rumors about his death. Rather than reaching out and asking if the widow was okay, she had the dead guys cars towed away. Classy.

When the reporter pointed out several other vehicles that supposedly were in violation of the HOAs parking rules, which was also supposedly why the Chargers were towed, Crazy Eyes seemed to have all kinds of excuses. People who live at the complex told WPLG rules arent consistently applied out of favoritism. Imagine that.

But the towing company did the right thing, waving all the fees once the reporter explained what happened. Whats more, the owner of the towing company is helping to sell the Chargers, something the widow was going to do anyway. Why cant more people be like that guy?

Check out the video to see Crazy Eyes in action its really something to behold.