At the 2023 SEMA Show, Holley announced that Bluetooth was coming to Holley’s Sniper 2, and everyone was excited. I’ve been lucky enough to see it in action during testing and can tell you that it is a very handy feature, but there might be more reasons that you realize. With the Sniper 2 Bluetooth module, you can use an IOS or Android phone or tablet to see all the data from your Sniper 2 EFI system. And not only can you make the gauges show on your screen, but also have multiple choices for the look and layout. And yes, you can tune directly from your tablet or phone.

With this setup you don’t have to run traditional gauges or a digital dash, but you certainly can. What I think is one of the more useful features of the bluetooth module is that you can have your gauges and tuning ability in your hand while anywhere around the vehicle. That means you don’t have to be inside and have a second set of hands outside the car. You can instead stand up front, make adjustments, and tune, all while getting live info on your engine. I love it.

Here’s all the info from Holley.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – April 30, 2024 – Holley Performance Brands (NYSE: HLLY), a leader in automotive aftermarket performance solutions, today announced the addition of a Bluetooth module for its Sniper 2 Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) conversion ecosystem. The next-generation technology brings greater affordability and accessibility to the easy-to-install, self-tuning EFI system that allows classic cars and trucks with carburetors to run like modern vehicles.

Bluetooth module for Holley’s Sniper 2 EFI ecosystem

The new Sniper 2 Bluetooth module removes the need for a separate screen for tuning, and instead gives enthusiasts full control from the Sniper EFI app on any Android or iOS-based smartphone. Additionally, Holley is introducing an enhanced kitting-on-demand process to improve in-stock inventory and deliver more flexibility and customization for enthusiasts who are looking to convert their classic vehicles to an EFI ecosystem. The new Bluetooth module is the latest interface customers can choose as part of their on-demand kit.

“As the number-one selling EFI conversion solution, Sniper 2 has proven to be a game-changer for domestic muscle enthusiasts looking for an affordable and user-friendly powertrain swap for their classic car or truck,” said Matthew Stevenson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Holley Performance Brands. “With the fully featured Bluetooth module, enthusiasts can control installation and tuning directly from the Sniper EFI app on their phone – literally putting their vehicle’s horsepower in the palm of their hand. This advancement further demonstrates Holley’s focus on innovating new solutions to supercharge our customers and not just meet but exceed their expectations.”

Originally launched in July 2023, Sniper 2 EFI is the next generation of Holley’s groundbreaking Sniper 1 product. Its easy-to-install, self-tuning technology is part of a complete Sniper EFI ecosystem – including plug-and-play Hyperspark ignition systems, fuel systems and more – that removes the guesswork and creates a wholistic, dynamic tuning experience for enthusiasts looking to modernize the power of their classic cars and trucks easily and affordably.

The Bluetooth module is available for performance car enthusiasts now and can be purchased from the Holley store at or from national and local distributors. Learn more about the Sniper 2 Bluetooth module here.

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