I’ve talked about RetrBright headlights here before, and can tell you that these suckers are legit. LED headlights that don’t look space aged is exactly what hot rods and muscle cars need, and they’ve got them at RetroBright. Rarely does a product come along that just blows you away in the first couple minutes of using them, but that is exactly the case with the RetroBright headlights. I have put them in a couple of vehicles now and can tell you that they are as easy to swap in as replacing a standard bulb, but the performance is amazing. I’ve driven with them in town, in the country, and everywhere in between and they truly light up the night, but with precision so they aren’t blinding everyone else on the road. And just as importantly, the only way to know they are not stock lights is if you look at them up close enough to see the tiny Holley logo in the middle of them. Otherwise they look like they are supposed to be on your ride, not like some modern weird thing that doesn’t fit. And now they have bulbs for everywhere on your car, and that means lifetime lights. We dig them.

These are legit and the last headlights you’ll ever have to buy. Oh and if you are a drag racer, off-roader, or autocross and road racer, you’ll dig the fact that these things are ultra light and very vibration resistant in comparison to your halogen bulbs and that means they won’t shake themselves to death in extreme conditions.

Now get to buying them during the sale!


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