Everyone knows to take the specs on import tools with a grain of salt. After all, they are known for exaggerating to get sales. But realistically you know that an import tool that costs 1/10th of what the competition does isn’t really going to be three or four or five times more powerful. And then there are flashlights, and they have their own challenges. Lighting in general has issues as there are multiple ways to measure light output, or lumens. A lumen is a lumen, but how they measure them can vary widely. So you never really know for sure how bright they are.

And that’s where the Torque Test Channel comes in. But is there really a 1,000,000 lumen flashlight? Would it burn a hole in your leg if you turned it on in your pocket? And why is Amazon so set on selling one so bright?

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Today we tackle the infamous 1 Million lumen flashlight from Amazon and see exactly how far they’ve gotten on the website vs a more likely to be known quantity in a Wurkkos 13,000 Lumen TS32.

We wern’t holding our breath for 6 digit results, but it’s good to check in on these things to see how far we’ve come and how far the site has to go.

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