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Hurricane-Powered Rams Will Cost You Dearly

The 2025 Ram 1500s are filtering to dealerships across the country, and while many don’t have them in stock yet it’s not too long until they do. And shoppers are finding out that despite the big Hemi V8s being gone from the lineup, replaced by the Hurricane inline-six, that downgrade doesn’t come with a big cut in prices.

Silverado driver plays a game of tag with the cops.

That might be an unwelcome surprise for truck shoppers who were mistakenly thinking they’d get some relief after suffering serious sticker shock. For at least the next while, high pickup truck prices will reign supreme.

Some advocates of replacing cylinders with forced induction are quick to point out the Hurricane high output variant whips out 420-horsepower and 469 lb.-ft. of torque. Those people are great at reading online catalogs but often don’t realize what power curves are or understand other factors affecting a truck’s grunt power.

It wasn’t that long ago Ford F-150 EcoBoost owners were complaining about poor fuel economy and lackluster towing/hauling performance. But all that has been forgotten in this age of flash-in-the-pan information condensed into 30 second TikTok videos.

We’re curious to see how the 2025 Ram 1500s perform in the wild. After all, the auto industry’s history is littered with examples, including some recent, where a design did well through all the rigorous tests performed in-house, but in the hands of consumers were an absolute disaster.

With stricter government regulations, an increasing number of new models come with two fewer cylinders than before, with either forced induction, electric motor(s), or both supposedly substituting.

The idea is to cut air pollution, fuel consumption, and make everyone feel better. But if 2025 Ram 1500 owners have to keep their foot planted to the floor while keeping their hazard lights and sticking to the right lane just because they’re towing something substantial, we think that will be of little consolation.

Time will bear out if this experiment was ill-guided or goes smoothly. We’re just glad to not personally be the guinea pigs and wish those who are good luck.

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