Sharing common interests as a couple can strengthen any marriage, but we’re not sure if street racing qualifies. If this married couple had decided to settle the dispute of who’s car is faster at the track, perhaps they wouldn’t have faced the wrath of Arkansas State Police.

Man attacks teens at gas station in shocking case of road rage.

A trooper patrolling the interstate in Little Rock spots two vehicles just blasting along, so he decides to follow. Flipping on his radar, he clocks the cars traveling at over 100 mph, well in excess of the speed limit.

After both suspects get off at an exit and stop at a red light, the trooper is able to see what he’s chasing: a Cadillac CT6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE. He also captures both license plates before they take off again, the German crossover rocketing ahead with ferocity and the Caddie trailing behind.

That’s when the trooper decides playtime is over as he flips on his lights and officially pursues these speedy love birds. Even on surface streets, the husband and wife keep pushing well above 100 mph as the trooper tries to cautiously pursue.

When he finally catches up, they try acting natural, slowing down like they’ve done nothing wrong. It’s really cute how they think that’ll work.

But the trooper pulls alongside, making it clear he means business. That’s when the wife and then the husband just stop, in the lanes of traffic, instead of pulling over or into a parking lot.

The wife doesn’t get out of her Mercedes but the husband jumps out of his Cadillac and starts running toward the cop, shouting, “That’s my wife!” Pro tip: don’t get out of your vehicle and start running towards police after they pull you over.

Not surprisingly, the trooper snaps at the husband to lay down on the ground as he repeatedly orders the wife to step out of her vehicle. They both try arguing and making random, not-useful statements.

What did they think would happen when they decided to race each other at criminal speeds?

That’s when the wife decides to just take off again, rolling a little too close to the husband who’s laying in the road. The guy just sits there as the trooper takes off after her. If this weren’t all on camera we wouldn’t believe it.

Assuming the cars aren’t stolen, which we don’t think they are, police know exactly who these people are. Their faces are on camera. And yet she runs.

With a genuinely fast vehicle, she’s able to get away. But in the police it’s noted she later lost a wheel off her Mercedes, crashed, ditched the vehicle, then someone called dispatch about her lurking around in their backyard. She was arrested and charged for fleeing, DWI, and a few other offenses.

We assume the husband was caught later and also charged for fleeing and possibly more.

As they say, the couple that street races together gets arrested together.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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