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Infamous Black C7 Corvette Z06 Has Been Caught

Yet another blacked-out, “will run” performance car driver has been busted and is facing serious consequences. Police have tracked down 21-year-old Carlos Clark in the Charlotte, North Carolina area after an investigation uncovered that he was behind the infamous C7 Corvette Z06 which allegedly fled law enforcement numerous times.

Police bust a “will run” Mustang driver for narcotics possession.

Just like in so many of these cases, the thirst for social media fame was this guy’s downfall. His Instagram account has over 300,000 followers and one video which showed him running from police went viral.

Because his username makes it sound like the C7 Z06 Corvette is stolen, people assumed this guy boosted someone else’s sports car and was using it to taunt police. But Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has clarified that the vehicle isn’t stolen.

Instead, they said it has been seized.

That’s right, running from cops repeatedly, going well over the speed limit, blowing through red lights, and in general treating public roads like your private raceway, then posting all that evidence online comes with consequences. Who wouldn’t thought that?

When the one video went viral, the CMPD Operation SCARLET, which is its stolen car and recovery team, got to work on the case. Using investigation methods we’re sure they don’t want criminals knowing about, they were able to figure out who was behind the supposedly anonymous Instagram account.

We’re sure because he didn’t have a license plate displayed on his Z06, other than sometimes using a “Will Run” vanity plate, Clark thought he was committing the perfect crime.

But the law caught up with him as police showed up at his house with a warrant for his arrest. Not only did they take the 2018 Chevy Corvette Z06, police say they seized four firearms, 113.4 lbs. of THC vials, 10 lbs. of THC edibles, 3.6 lbs. of Belgian Chocolate Bars (a type of mushroom), 18.8 lbs. of marijuana blunts all pre-rolled, 4 lbs. of marijuana resin, 3.6 lbs. of mushrooms, almost $2,000 in cash, and four firearms.

The guy is now facing a pretty long list of charges, including felony fleeing. So you see, these guys who run and brag about it on social media can and do get busted.  

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