Kevin Tetz has been doing paint and bodywork for decades, and has been teaching others how to do it for nearly as long. He’s a pro in every sense of the word, and I’m not alone in saying that I’ve learned from his videos, his personal advice, and his appearances on a variety of tv shows. So you can imagine that, as a professional, the thought of painting a car with spray cans has got to make him cringe. But tons of folks have painted cars with spray cans, right? I mean I’ve seen a ton of videos where people are doing it. Hell, I even considered it on my daily driver.

But what if a show quality paint job is what you are looking for? Can you get it with spray cans? Kevin Tetz is going to see if it is possible and let us know what it takes to pull it off. And if it is even remotely a good idea. It used to be that spray cans were way cheaper than painting with a traditional spray gun, but now spray guns are ultra cheap. So does it make sense to try this out anymore?

Let’s see what Kevin has to say about it.

Video Description:

Is it possible to have a SPRAY CAN paintjob look like an award winning showpiece? Maybe?? I’ll give it my best shot. has lots of instructional videos but not on this! There’s tons of videos on this subject… Vicegrip Garage does it, Paint society does it, Turbocan is a catch-Phrase these days… and everyone has heard of rustoleum, heck I even saw a roll-on paintjob in Car Craft magazine 10 years ago… nothing new under the sun… DIY guys have been doing it for years. This isn’t just click-bait, I actually try to get a nice job! See what happens!!! Thanks for watching!

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