For both teenagers and even adults, the lure of street racing can be incredibly strong. While the thrill of competing or even just watching others blast down a public road can make an otherwise boring night a riot, it can also end in death.

Senior citizen is possibly a repeat street racing offender.

Two Salina, Kansas teens paid that ultimate price recently, with three others injured in a crash. It happened at about 6:30 pm on March 15 as a Camaro hit a Chevy truck head-on, reports KAKE. Now the community is mourning the tragic loss.

According to Saline County Sheriffs Office, 17-year-old Vance McComber died as his Camaro hit the truck head-on. His passenger, 17-year-old Anthony Windell was also killed. An unnamed passenger was hospitalized, although with non-life-threatening injuries.

As for the people in the Chevy pickup, the 42-year-old female driver and a 12-year-old girl sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Reportedly, another car which was traveling in the opposite direction spotted the speeding Camaro and swerved out of the way before those two collided. Afterwards the muscle car hit the pickup head-on.

Saline County Sheriff Roger Soldan told the local media that the initial belief is the teens were drag racing on the road but somehow didnt spot the Chevy truck until it was too late. He noted the position of the sun at that time might have blinded the drivers as they raced west on the road. However, the investigation is ongoing so that conclusion could change.

Racing your friends on a public road might seem like a fun idea, but too much can go wrong in that situation. Even on a regulated track with rules and professional staff, people sometimes get seriously injured or worse. But youre better off taking any grudge matches to the track instead of causing a fatal accident on public streets.

Image via Erik Mclean/Pexels

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