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Lexus Chase Shows Arkansas Trooper’s Superior Training

We still think some of the best trained law enforcement when it comes to high-speed pursuits is Arkansas State Police. This chase with a Lexus IS 250 certainly proves that to be true as the pursuing trooper shows that skill off in style.

Authorities have busted a huge, sophisticated Dodge Hellcat theft operation.

It all starts with the suspect speeding and the trooper performing a routine traffic stop. As he speaks with the Lexus driver, the trooper spots a silver handgun partly concealed in the interior.

Realizing his firearm wasn’t hidden from the trooper’s gaze, the suspect takes off. And while the trooper doesn’t doddle going after him, when his hat falls off as he’s running back to his cruiser he stops to pick it up. Arkansas troopers always take care of their hats.

They also remain cool, calm, and collected in these high-pressure situations. Here we have a suspect with a gun who’s running at high speeds on a fairly busy highway. Despite the need to catch him quickly, the trooper doesn’t make stupid moves and drives as smoothly as possible, his excellent training kicking in.

Even as the suspect gains a fairly commanding lead and weaves through heavy traffic, the trooper keeps his cool. In the meantime, the suspect is obviously panicked, at one point putting his Lexus into the dirt off the shoulder.

There’s a principle in racing that slow, purposely movements, acting fluidly, is better than just doing a lot of stuff quickly. That might sound counterintuitive and it is, but it works. As the trooper stays in this driving Zen state, the suspect acts like a scared jackrabbit.

This calm state allows the trooper to not fall for fake-outs and other tricks deployed by the suspect. In just a few short minutes, he not only closes the gap but is able to execute a beautiful PIT maneuver, ending the chase rapidly.

While the chase footage is interesting, the soundtrack added by the YouTube channel is honestly annoying and unnecessary (although we set the video to start after the worst of it). So just be aware of that and try to not let it spoil the fun.

Image via Tek’s Therapy/YouTube

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