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Lexus LC Braves Houston Floodwaters

Houston, Texas is getting slammed by flooding as rain has come down in sheets. Some reports indicate up to 8 inches of rain fell in certain parts of the Lone Star State and Louisiana Thursday with more to come today.

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Many drivers have been caught off guard by how badly conditions have deteriorated. Perhaps that’s how someone was caught driving through the floodwaters in their Lexus LC.

Depending on how the V8 luxury sports car is configured, new it can easily cost northwards of $100,000. It’s one thing to stall out your minivan, potentially ruining the engine, but quite another to risk such a pricey ride.

With a curb weight of about 4,500 lbs., one could conceivably drive the 471-hp (or 354-hp if it’s the hybrid) quickly enough to push a wake out in front of the sports car. That’s an old off-roader trick for fording rivers, something we doubt most drivers know.

Plus, driving quickly through floodwaters when one doesn’t know if the depth will suddenly change can end poorly.

We’re guessing this person, like many of the others forging ahead on Houston’s vast roads system, was likely trying to get to the sanctuary of hearth and home.

Such a journey was rife with peril, as shown by X account StormChaserHTX. After all, that Lexus and the line of cars behind it were driving on the shoulder of a road where it was two feet underwater. A Chrysler minivan which went down one of the lanes found that out the hard way.

If you live in the Houston area, it’s best to hunker down and take any precautions to guard your property against potential flooding, unless you’re in one of the mandatory evacuation zones.

ABC News says officials warn residents might be trapped in their home for up to three days. Everyone else should stay out of there and the rest of southeastern Texas and Louisiana.

Images via StormChaserHTX/X

Dangerous situation unfolding in Kingwood, 2 feet of water on feeder 59 N Bound at North Park@abc13weather @Mattlanza @CharlieButera @JeffLindner1 @NWSHouston @TxStormChasers @spann @weatherchannel #houwx #htx #TXWX #hounews #abc13

— Storm Chaser Houston (@StormChaserHTX) May 2, 2024

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