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Man Appears Virtually For Hearing While Driving On A Suspended License

A Michigan man appeared virtually for a court hearing after he was charged with driving on a suspended license, only he was driving his car during that hearing. The judge was less than amused by the ironic display which all could clearly see in the courtroom.

Remembering the cop who couldn’t stop crashing.

The man, 44-year-old Corey Harris, told WXYZ he was only thinking of getting his wife to the doctor’s office to get her checked out for a medical condition and not anything else. But the judge immediately asked Harris if he was driving as the man appeared on screen for the hearing.

When footage from the court hearing hit the internet, it rapidly went viral. Harris said that’s been “very embarrassing” as many have mocked his flouting the law. Some people were harsh in judging the man, questioning his intelligence, among other things.

But there’s more to this story than that viral courtroom clip.

Harris argues his driver’s license shouldn’t have been suspended. The reason for that suspension was a failure to pay child support, something he also suffered back in early 2010. But Harris thought his license had been reinstated, only learning after he was pulled over that wasn’t the case.

WXYZ pulled records and found Harris was right. There was a judge’s order to rescind the license suspension back in January 2022 but it was never processed. It’s so hard to believe government beaurocrats would drop the ball and leave a citizen in trouble with the law as a result (that’s sarcasm, for anyone who didn’t catch it).

Now Harris has to straighten things out with the Michigan Secretary of State, saying everyone should “always double-check behind these workers because they will say that they will do something and they don’t do it.” That’s wise advice.

Image via WXYZ-TV Detroit/YouTube

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