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McLaren 720S Flees Georgia Police

Few cars can keep up with a McLaren 720S with its twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 belting out a monstrous 710-horsepower. The British supercar can do a 0-60 mph gallop in just 2.8 seconds. Last time we checked, the average police cruiser can’t do that, except maybe falling off a cliff.

Germans cheer as two supercars are impounded by police.

And that’s the challenge police face in this dashcam video of a suspect in a McLaren 720S deciding to run from an attempted traffic stop. The supercar just blasts past the officer, who tries chasing it down but realizes it’s a futile effort.

That officer was able to clock the McLaren doing 155 mph. It’s possible the suspect pushed it to much faster speeds since the supercar certainly is capable, and the officer just couldn’t clock it at that point.

In a chase like this, a cop would need a miracle to catch up, or possibly a suspect with a conscience. Really neither of those possibilities panned out, at least not explicitly. Instead, the suspect just pulled over suddenly as the brakes were smoking.

That allowed the officer to approach the McLaren and get a whiff of the alcohol on the driver’s breath. His eyes were also allegedly glassy. So intoxicated sabotaged what would’ve been the perfect getaway.

We think there’s a good chance the guy was pressing the brake and accelerator pedals at the same time, as drunk drivers are wont to do, overheating the brake discs and producing the vapor. And that spooked the guy, who immediately pulled over but wasn’t sure what to do.

So you see, drinking makes you dumber. Also, you shouldn’t drive when you’ve been drinking, not only because it’s selfish and you can cause a fatal accident but also because you can’t drive your supercar properly.

Some might call this a miracle, some might say it’s just a drunk guy being stupid, all we know is this is probably the only time we’ll see cops catch a fleeing McLaren 720S.

Image via OFD Production/YouTube

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