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Memphis Woman’s Stolen Car Auctioned Off By Police

Samantha McCray is upset after her car was stolen yet again, only it was subsequently sold at auction by police before she even knew they recovered it. We’ve covered this woman’s plight with her 2010 Nissan Maxima before after someone stole it, reconditioned the sedan, and sold it on Facebook Marketplace.

Watch a road rager get exactly what he deserves.

You’re probably thinking this lady has really bad luck, but that might only be partially true. The car theft situation in Memphis is incredibly out of control, so there are undoubtedly others who have experienced multiple thefts, maybe even with the same vehicle.

This time around, McCray said her Nissan was taken in January. She heard nothing about the car and finally called police in late April to see if perhaps they’d run across it. They recovered it in February, which shocked her since she heard nothing from police.

According to what she told WREG, police mailed a notice about the Maxima to an old address of hers and it wasn’t forwarded. So the entire time she believed it was still gone.

Instead, police decided the lack of response indicated she didn’t want the sedan back. It was partially stripped, but McCray says she would’ve had it fixed and kept using the sole method of transportation she used to own.

Understandably, she feels victimized, only worse than when her car was stolen two times. McCray has been talking to a city council member about what happened and she set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the cost of a replacement vehicle.

But we doubt the sting of what happened will go away even when she’s able to afford a new car.

We’ve seen similar cases to McCray’s where a recovered vehicle is auctioned or sold off by authorities after they made a halfway attempt to notify the rightful owner. We don’t know what policy changes would help solve this problem, but it’s obvious something needs to change.

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