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Milwaukee Officer Hit By Colleague During Police Chase

It’s no secret now that Milwaukee police are struggling when it comes to pursuit practices. While we recently highlighted a report about the lack of officer training and thus incompetence in a long chase, another more recent pursuit where an officer on foot was hit by his colleague in a cruiser shows just how bad the problems are.

Dodge Challenger police chase is pure chaos.

Thanks to local news station WISN we have footage of police pursuing a shooting and carjacking suspect fleeing in a red Honda. Other than the possibility of the suspect being armed and willing to shoot at officers, that type of vehicle should be relatively easy to chase down.

However, police struggled to get the car stopped. The chase lasted for miles as the suspect fled down the highway and surface streets, weaving through traffic, and in general sowing chaos.

At one point, the suspect exited the highway only to get right back on. It was at the bottom of that on-ramp that an officer was waiting, having anticipated the move, and tried deploying Stop Sticks. That attempt was unsuccessful after the suspect spotted the trap, cutting over the grassy gore point and onto the highway early.

Perhaps frustrated at his trap being foiled, the officer appears to briefly run into the right lane of the highway to try throwing the Stop Sticks in front of the fleeing Honda.

According to training videos on the use of Stop Sticks, law enforcement officers are to stand behind a solid barrier of some sort so they aren’t run over by the suspect or someone else.

In this case, that someone else was another police officer. As the one cop dashes back to the shoulder, another officer in his squad car comes down the shoulder, hitting him.

Clearly, Milwaukee police need better pursuit training and might want to revise pursuit policies while they’re at it. But all that takes funding, something which got slashed during the popular “defund the police movement.” That obviously hasn’t aged well at all.

Thanks to the officer being seriously injured, the suspect in that red Honda got away.

Image via WISN 12 News/YouTube

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