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Minnesota Drivers Slip And Slide During Spring Snowstorm

One would think that those living in Minnesota would be naturally good at driving in snow, but one would be wrong. Even though they get more practice than a good chunk of the rest of the nation, plenty of Minnesotans seem unable to keep things under control during a winter storm.

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That was on full display during a recent spring snowstorm, with several crashes, spinouts, and runoffs captured on state traffic cameras. Footage shared by Fox 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul shows the mayhem, all thanks to a storm that rolled in Sunday.

In fact, the Minnesota State Patrol says there were 396 crashes in the wake of the storm. An additional 339 car spinouts and road runoffs were also reported, and we’d be willing to bet there were a whole lot more authorities didn’t know about.

Sadly, 22 of the crashes resulted in injuries, including one that was classified as serious/fatal. It pays to be careful, but even if you ware and someone else isn’t, you might still pay the price.

Even though footage shows just a light dusting of snow, it was enough to make things slippery. People living in that region should know better than to speed, slam on their brakes, jerk on the steering wheel, or do anything else sudden in such conditions.

But we think people also get eager for warmer weather to come, they get careless, then they make dumb mistakes. It’s better to drive cautiously, even if there aren’t large accumulations of snow.

Perhaps some got excited and took off their winter tires. Having those on a separate set of wheels so you can easily put them back on when winter’s sucker punch hits like this, which happens so often, is just a wise idea.

Check out the mayhem on Minnesota roads for yourself.

Image via Fox 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul/YouTube

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