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Mustang Driver Tells Cops He Swallowed A Bunch Of Fentanyl

Sadly, police chases involving Ford Mustangs have become pretty common, but not ones where the driver tells police he swallowed a bunch of fentanyl. That was the exact situation Posey County, Indiana deputies faced after the chased down one suspect in a pony car.

Mustang catches some air during a police chase.

To the shock of nobody, the Ford Mustang driver, Robin Mobley, was driving had reportedly been stolen, says 14 News. He used that vehicle to blast down SR 66 outside of Wadesville, catching the attention of deputies who tried pulling him over.

Why is it so many people who are transporting drugs or doing other illegal things then speed, weave around the road, and in general give law enforcement every reason in the book to pull them over? Do they want to get caught?

Mobley led deputies on a chase, but a regular citizen put an end to it by slowing down in his pickup truck and blocking both lanes. The Mustang went off the road and crashed in a ditch and deputies were able to arrest Mobley.

At least for his part Mobley didn’t put up a fight, surrendering peacefully to deputies, so maybe he really did want to be caught. Some guys are just more at home in jail than their house.

After getting arrested, Mobley reportedly told deputies they should take him to the hospital since he had eaten a “big bag” of fentanyl. If he did that to hide evidence, he wasn’t clear on how that strategy was supposed to work, because guys do that so law enforcement don’t know about the drugs.

Later, Mobley changed his story, saying he swallowed meth, not fentanyl. Why? Who knows, but the story doesn’t mention deputies finding a bag of anything in him, but they did take him to the hospital. It does mention they searched the car and him, finding marijuana, some sort of pills, and drug paraphernalia. Mobley also had a suspended driver’s license.

Image via Vraj Shah/Pexels

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