Earlier in the month we covered a shocking story of road rage out of Dallas, Texas. You might remember seeing footage of a Ford Escape trying to block a Ram truck pulling a trailer, only to have the other driver squeeze by, the back of that trailer ripping off the front bumper cover on the Ford.

Watch the original road rage footage for a refresher.

Many people concluded, based on that dashcam footage from a third party sitting behind the two involved drivers, that the Ford Escape driver was entirely at fault for the whole road rage situation. However, new dashcam footage is making some reconsider that conclusion.

This new footage, which was uploaded to YouTube by local news station WFAA (and weve shared it with you) is from the Ford Escape. It shows what led up to the other footage so many have seen.

We see the Escape in the left lane, then transition to the right lane as it approaches a dump truck thats traveling much slower. A white Hyundai then passes the camera car in the left lane, followed not too far behind by the Ram truck pulling the trailer.

Without signaling, the truck comes over into the right lane, and it looks like the back of the trailer bumps the Ford. That would be enough to shake most people.

Everyone can speculate why, but the Escape driver gets in the left lane and accelerates. Thats when the Ram changes lanes, again without signaling, cutting off the crossover. The other driver goes onto the left shoulder and tries passing the Ram, the truck coming over the line and almost hitting it again.

Clearly, the drivers are jousting at this point. Thats when what we saw in the previous footage unfolds, with the Escape trying to block the Ram, which squeezes by and rips off the crossovers front bumper cover.

The big thing people are debating now that we have two perspectives on the road rage incident is whos at fault. Some still say the Escape driver was behaving recklessly and like a jerk, but others are saying the Ram started it and so bears all the blame.

What do you think?

Image via WFAA/YouTube

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