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Nissan Altima Driver Shoots At Pursuing Georgia Trooper

There’s something different about many Nissan Altima drivers which has led to the term “Big Altima Energy” being coined on the internet. Some might be confused about why this is a thing, but many already know the fun of almost being ran off the road by an Altima with a paper tag, its bumper hanging half off, and the thing looking like it was recently driven right out of a junkyard. But this chase in Georgia involving an Altima driver shooting at a state trooper embodies Big Altima Energy at a whole different level.

Michigan city has found a way to make driving even more painful.

After leading the trooper on a chase, shooting at his pursuer, the suspect turns into a parking lot. Usually this move is followed by the suspect finding another way out, realizing he’s trapped and in turn surrendering, or jumping out of the car and fleeing on foot. Instead, this guy does a very Altima thing, jumping the curb and crashing into the foliage beyond the parking lot before running off.

It’s a good thing the guy is wearing a red hoodie so he stands out nicely in the vegetation. Even though the trooper can see him just fine, the guy is just too fast on foot, so the trooper has to drive around to the road towards which the suspect was running.

From there the suspect carjacks a BMW, and the jokes write themselves. After all, Altima and Bimmer drivers have a lot in common, especially their attitude that anyone else on the road is in their way. And that’s exactly how the suspect drives the BMW on the freeway with heavy traffic as the trooper desperately tries to keep up.

At one point a law enforcement officer tries spiking the BMW’s tires. After the trooper avoids the Stop Stick, he almost gets tagged by an officer pulling out in an SUV right in front of him, letting out a scream that will either make you jump or laugh. It’s mistakes like this that help the suspect pull further away from the pursuing trooper and make us thinking more high-speed pursuit training for these departments would be money well spent.

The Stop Stick at least seemed to have done its job because the Bimmer lost a tire. Sadly, that doesn’t slow the suspect down one bit. Understandably, the trooper is hesitant to attempt a PIT since the suspect has already shot at him and backup is having trouble catching up. Thankfully, the suspect PITs himself right off the road. As Shakespeare said, all’s well that ends well and this police chase does just that.

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