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Oakland Police Allegedly Wait Hours To Recover Stolen Ram TRX

A man from Redwood City, California was able to track his stolen Ram TRX to Oakland but had to wait hours for police to show up. It’s situations like this which encourage people to just take the law into their own hands, a move which comes with quite a few risks.

Oakland has been replacing stop lights with stop signs for a surprising reason.

Surveillance footage from the man’s house shows the thieves roll up in a Dodge Charger, likely stolen, in the middle of the night. They know exactly what they’re after and they obviously have the tools and know-how to get the Ram TRX started.

Despite a Tesla Model Y parked in front of the driveway which contains the TRX, they’re able to maneuver the big truck around and get away.

While the man didn’t invest in any kind of aftermarket anti-theft device, at least from what we can see, he at least had a tracking device in the truck. That helped him find where it was taken in Oakland, a common destination for stolen cars in the Bay Area.

But the victim quickly learned why so many car theft operations are run out of that city. He says after calling police for assistance in recovering his vehicle, he waited hours before officers showed up.

He says police told him they were too busy to get there sooner. Honestly, we’re not shocked since these types of stories play out in Oakland and many other cities constantly these days.

Something about cutting funding to the police department and demonizing officers has impacted response times for even violent crimes, let alone property theft. Who could’ve seen that coming?

“I feel like the criminal justice system is failing in California,” said the unnamed victim to KTVU. The man was understandably frustrated by the situation, but he’s only seen a portion of the dysfunction.

Things go so much deeper, including car thieves getting released before police can even fill out reports on their crimes. They then go and immediately start stealing cars again. Those who are prosecuted often get light sentences, striking no fear in the hearts of them or their colleagues.

Image via KTVU Fox 2 San Francisco/YouTube

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