We’re previously noted that wheelstanders are among our most favorite drag strip attractions. Sadly, their numbers are dwindling today, but during the height of their popularity, there were dozens of these unique and wacky creations traversing the country delighting fans at strips big and small. The late Richard Schroeder was one of the first guys to embrace the wheelstander craze back in the day and he had a fantastic series of them. This car started out life as his and it carried the name “Bad Bossa Nova” he ran it for years and then turned the ownership over to Joe Douthit who is driving it under the name Smokey Red here. This Nova ranks close to the top of our personal list because it is the most sedate looking wheelstander we have ever seen. Outside of the monster rake, it looks like a bracket car!

Normally, a blower or headers are exposed in the rear of a wheelstander as that’s where the engine lives but they are all concealed in this case. The wheelbase is a little different than stock, but again, wheelstanders are normally know for being totally outlandish machines with wild paint or some sort of other lunatic theme, this one is the opposite of that.

You’ll see Douthit complete a huge burnout, which he does about three inches from the guardrail, causing the assembled throng of photographers to scatter like mice. It is hilarious. We’re not sure if that was his plan or if someone cheesed him off, but we’ve never seen anyone boil the hides that close to the wall on purpose. Also, since this is old school action, you’ll see Joe bang a u-turn after the burnout as opposed to backing up.

This video rules for all the right reasons.

Press play to see one of the great understated wheelstanders ever!

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