When it comes to shop equipment, many believe that the only way to get anything good is to get stuff that is old, and I understand the thought process. But is age alone the way to determine quality? In recent years there have been companies who have focused on quality and durability above all else, and Fireball Tool is one of them. So when Jason decided he was going to make a new bench vise that could do what no others currently available could, the 614 Hardtail was the result. But how does a vintage Reed 208, a very well respected bench vise, compare to the new Hardtail?

Watch the video and let us know what you think.


Video Description:

In this video, I perform a variety of tests on the legendary Reed 208 bench vise and put it head-to-head against my 614 Hardtail bench vise. Find the 614 Hardtail and all of my other tools only at FireballTool.com



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