Carjackings have essentially become commonplace in some areas, a sad new reality in the United States. But not everyone is taking this development sitting down. One man successfully fought off three would-be carjackers who tried taking his Bentley Bentayga as he parked and was preparing to go into work.

Man thrown from BMW hood during carjacking.

As the father of the carjacking victim points out in an interview with ABC7NY, the carjacking which took place in the parking lot of a New Jersey grocery store involved exclusively underage offenders.

Weve tried shining a light on this problem for some time. Many of these car theft rings actively recruit, equip, and train kids, sometimes as young as eight, to commit crimes. They know the juveniles will be treated less harshly by the system, sometimes facing essentially zero consequences.

The city where this attempted carjacking took place, Edison, has a mayor whos talking tough about crime. On camera he said the police have tripled or quadrupled their patrol presence on city streets all to deter criminals. The city also has over 80 license plate readers scattered about.

We see similar pushes in certain other cities as citizens and in turn elected officials grow tired of constant theft, assaults, and other crimes. People are scared and demanding solutions.

It turns out this victim has been targeted by carjackers before. He used to drive a Mercedes G-Wagon, a popular target among thieves, but that was successfully taken by force. Perhaps the pain of losing that beloved ride was enough to motivate the guy to fight back during this second carjacking.

Theres also talk in New Jersey and elsewhere about taking off the kid gloves when it comes to dealing with juvenile offenders. Considering organized crime recruits them to beat the justice system, we understand why.

Image via ABC7NY/YouTube

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