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Police Go Bowling With A Chevy Cruze

Heavy window tinting, that’s what initially caught the attention of an Arkansas State Police trooper sitting on the side of I-40 back on April 6. The suspect vehicle, a white Chevy Cruze, otherwise wouldn’t really stand out in a crowd. But it was the tint that was the beginning of a series of events that led to the Chevy doing a wonderful impression of a bowling ball.

Watch a high-speed PIT gone wrong here.

After that, the trooper caught up and noticed the Cruze driver made a second mistake, tailgating a truck. Then the driver used the left lane like a jerk, that is to just drive side-by-side with a vehicle in the next lane instead of passing. We really hate that and it sounds like the trooper was none too pleased.

Maybe that’s why he turned on his lights and tried pulling the scofflaw Cruze driver over. Instead, the suspect exited onto another road, then started getting cute as the trooper moved in to do a PIT. Then the Chevy stayed in the oncoming lane with traffic approaching. Basically, this is a guide of how to really piss a cop off.

So we really don’t feel bad about what happened next. After pulling the fanciest moves possible in a hamster-powered economy box, the suspect was running out of options as the police vehicle easily ran him down.

Then the trooper performed a beautiful PIT. You can’t see it on the dashcam footage, but the Cruze spun off the road and hit a grassy embankment, rolling once. You see it back on its wheels, slowly moving to a stop backwards before the driver hopped out and made a run for it.

A lot of people openly wonder why police waste their time chasing people like this. After all, the guy “only” had illegal window tint, tailgated someone, clogged up the left lane, sped, and ran from an attempted traffic stop. Well, shocker, troopers found about 150 pills which are believed to be fentanyl in the car. That’s the stuff which is responsible for so many deaths and horrific addiction problems in the US.

So yeah, police were just “wasting their time” chasing this guy down. We think it’s pretty hilarious the little Chevy Cruze scored a gutter ball because that means it didn’t do damage to anyone or anything else. And now another criminal is off the streets.

Check out the video for yourself and have a laugh.

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