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Police Run Down Infiniti G35 Loaded With Drugs  

One would think if you’re in the business of running drugs, you’d have nothing on your car to arouse suspicions. But a lot of criminals are pretty dumb, including this drug runner traveling through Arkansas with what a trooper in his report calls “noticeably fictitious Tennessee temporary tags.”

Watch a V6 Dodge Challenger try running from Arkansas troopers.

Because the guy cut corners on the Infiniti G35’s tags, he drew the attention of Arkansas State Police. But our drug running suspect does the sneaky-sneaky thing and pulls over after the trooper turns on his lights, then hits the gas just as the trooper walks up to the car.

From there, the chase is on as the suspect flees toward the Tennessee border and ASP is in hot pursuit. It doesn’t take long at all for the trooper to catch back up to the fleeing Infiniti, which everyone can argue about whether or not that means something about the G35’s performance chops or if the trooper is just an exceptional driver.

Seeing the trooper coming up on him, the suspect exits the highway, turns twice, and tries to get back on. But before he can do that the trooper uses his push bar to PIT out the luxury sedan and the chase is over.

This one didn’t seem to be much of a contest, but just because the chase is over doesn’t mean the drama is done. The guy isn’t cooperative after being held at gunpoint and given orders.

After finally getting out of the Infiniti that’s loaded with illegal drugs, the driver makes like he’s having a seizure. It’s obvious the whole situation is just a game for the guy, but the trooper still has to cover bases and get him checked out. In the meantime the trooper performs sternum rubs to make sure the guy’s still responsive.

Funny how the suspect can come up with this dumb ploy on the fly but he couldn’t be bothered to get legit tags for the car he was transporting a ton of drugs inside. So many criminals aren’t exactly geniuses.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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