He paid for the full truck and he’s going to use the full capabilities of that truck!

Sometimes police are asked to apprehend dangerous people who won’t give up easily, like this murder suspect from Indiana who was chased down by Georgia State Police. Federal authorities tapped troopers for assistance once they learned the dangerous individual was in Gwinnett County. However, this guy was prepared to use the full capability of his new Ram 1500 Rebel in a desperate attempt to get away.

Watch Arkansas troopers take down a fleeing Ram truck here.

Troopers try pitting the pickup truck right off the bat, but thanks in part to the heavy and durable nature of the vehicle it doesn’t disable the Ram. As the chase ensues, the lead trooper tries pitting the Rebel again, but he can’t spin the truck out.

In the meantime, this suspect decides to show off how the truck handles the grassy median on the highway. It’s a risky yet effective move since traffic is fairly heavy, allowing him to keep moving forward as troopers struggle to keep up.

However, driving in the median comes with some surprise bumps, causing the truck to catch some area a few times. It’s a miracle the guy didn’t wreck out as a result.

Yet again, this video shows how people just stick in the left lane as an emergency vehicle approaches with lights and sirens going. We know not everyone has always been perfect about this, but we’ve seen in certain parts of the country the left lane camping is so bad even a cop can’t get those people to move. Unbelievable.

Even more daring and also incredibly stupid, the suspect takes the Ram Rebel into oncoming traffic. Maybe he believes the sheer mass of the truck will keep him safe, but the physics in a high-speed, head-on collision probably won’t favor him as heavily as he believes.

The reckless fleeing of this suspect ultimate is his undoing as he wrecks out in an intersection, disabling the Ram. Fortunately, he isn’t nearly as spry on his feet, allowing troopers to chase him down and arrest him quickly.

Images via State Boyzzz/YouTube