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Range Rover Stolen Day After Owner Unloads It

Range Rovers are pretty hot theft targets all over, but they’re especially popular among thieves in the UK. As we’ve covered before, rampant theft has made insuring them in London incredibly expensive, but that problem is apparently expanding to other parts of the UK. One man who had enough turned his over to the bank, only for it to be stolen the very next day.

Watch a suspect in a Range Rover get pitted into the stratosphere.

This story sounds almost too ironic to be true, but the Daily Mail says it actually happened. The guy, who apparently owns a business and has plenty of cash, was leasing the Range Rover when he was told Jaguar Land Rover’s insurance arm would no longer cover the luxury SUV.

As the guy shopped around for insurance coverage, he quickly learned rates in Loughton, Essex, had skyrocketed as thieves targeted Range Rovers incessantly. We’re guessing they were running out of Range Rovers to steal in London and so had to expand.

Frustrated, the guy didn’t renew his lease, claiming he was able to get a Mercedes GLE and insure it for about 10% of what the Range Rover would’ve cost. We can’t confirm the truthfulness of this claim but it’s not shocking.

The day after a transport company picked up the Range Rover, a police officer called in the early morning hours to inform the guy, who was still listed on the registration, that it had been stolen but was recovered in London.

A security flaw has allowed thieves on both sides of the pond to steal Land Rovers like the Range Rover with ease. Jaguar Land Rover has rolled out a supposed fix, somewhat like what Hyundai, Kia, and Dodge have done, but we haven’t seen a big dip in theft of those brands, either.

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