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Road Rager Shoots Up Another Car With Police Right There

While road rage sometimes only consists of threats, which is scary enough, sometimes people escalate things to potentially deadly violence. That’s what happened in Albuquerque, New Mexico not too long ago as a driver shot up another vehicle. Only he didn’t realize a cop was right there.

New dashcam footage helps shed additional light on a famous road rage case.

Dashcam footage shared by the victim with KOB 4 shows the white Hyundai crossover cut in front of him in morning commuter traffic. For some reason, Paul Marquez felt the other driver, Victor Chavez who was in a Toyota 4Runner, was Chavez of some slight on the road.

Fearing what might happen next, Marquez realized a black Ford Expedition in the next lane was in fact an unmarked New Mexico State Police unit, so he started honking and waving his arms to get the cop’s attention.

But that’s when Marquez pulled up next to Chavez, firing three rounds into the 4Runner. Thankfully, Chavez was alone and none of the bullets struck him, although it could’ve been a very different scenario.

You can see in the dashcam footage that’s when the NMSP trooper flips on his lights and pulls over the Hyundai. Backup arrives and they take Marquez out of his vehicle at gunpoint, arresting the man.

The footage isn’t helping people in Albuquerque or elsewhere feel any safer. After all, when someone starts raging out on the road, there’s a possibility they’re willing and able to do violence toward you.

Even if the other driver doesn’t have a gun or is willing to use it, the 5,000 lbs. hunk of metal they’re driving can be used as a deadly weapon. This is why we tell people to not escalate when someone tries picking a fight with you on the road. It’s best to back off and give them room with the hope they will speed away and leave you alone.

Image via KOB 4/YouTube

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