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A Wisconsin man who fled from police two days in a row rolled the Camaro he was driving, ending up in the hospital. If ever weve seen a good reason to not run from police, this is it.

Supposedly new cars are becoming more affordable, but were not so sure.

As you can see from the photos of the aftermath, the roof of the Chevy muscle car didnt hold up so well after the multiple rollover accident at high speeds on the night of March 15. Pleasant Prairie Police say the had to get the fire department on scene to cut the man out of the vehicle, then he was airlifted to a hospital in Milwaukee.

At least the unnamed 38-year-old suspect from Waukegan didnt die, even though some people seem to think anyone who runs from police deserve such a fate. Even better, he didnt hurt or kill anyone else. Authorities say he suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

When the guy gets better, hell be in another world of hurt since hes getting slapped with several felony charges. Exactly why he was running from police two days in a row wasnt clear, but we imagine police are working to clarify that key point in the case.

Again, this is why we tell people running from police isnt worth it. Even the best drivers can wreck out, especially with the unpredictable conditions on public roads. A pothole in the wrong spot, moisture, ice, other drivers, animals, gravel, or any number of other things can cause someone driving like a bat out of hell to wreck out.

And running from police is incredibly selfish. Youre not only putting your life on the line but also the life of anyone in your vehicle and anyone else who happens to be on or near the road at the time, including pedestrians. Just pull over and take whatever citation and other consequences are coming your way.

Images via Pleasant Prairie Police Department

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