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Silverado Driver Thinks He’s Playing A Game Of Tag

We’ve seen over and over people who flee from police and think it’s a game of tag on the school grounds. It’s a weird phenomena which involves them reaching their house and expecting that gives them immunity from the cops, like touching home base so the person who’s it can’t tag them.

Watch cops chase own a 14-year-old carjacking suspect.

This weirdness played out yet again in Arkansas when the driver of a Chevy Silverado with expired plates decided he didn’t have to pull over for a state trooper. That was the first mistake, because even in a high-powered muscle car many suspects don’t slip away from Arkansas State Police.

The trooper keeps up despite being cautious about red lights and stop signs. In the meantime, the suspect doesn’t seem to care if he hits someone. You learn later why he also doesn’t really care about the truck, either.

Eventually, the driver goes into a neighborhood and abruptly pulls into a driveway before taking off on foot. In his haste he loses his slides, which is just hilarious. Even though the trooper is unable to catch the suspect, his father comes out of the house and tells the ASP trooper his son’s name.

It turns out the truck isn’t even the driver’s but instead is his daddy’s ride. The son didn’t bother to ask his dad to borrow the Silverado. Considering he also doesn’t pull over for police, we think there’s a deeper issue at play.

Ultimately, police caught up with the suspect later. Now he gets to face consequences for his actions, hopefully not only from the justice system but also his father.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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