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Someone Stole A Veteran’s 1957 Chevy In Gilbert, Arizona

Some people just really suck. Not only can they not stop taking what isn’t theirs, they don’t care who they hurt when they steal precious items. This case of a 1957 Chevy 150 stolen from a US veteran’s yard in Gilbert, Arizona is a prime example.

Street takeover losers injure cop.

Back in March at 10:30 on a weekday morning it was stolen by two guys who backed into his driveway with a rollback tow truck. The classic Chevy was parked in the backyard of the veteran’s home, so these guys somehow knew beforehand it was there.

In other words, we think this was a planned heist, not a spur of the moment crime of opportunity.

The owner says the car means more to him than just its value, stating it has a lot of sentimental value. He’s owned it for about 20 years and we know once you have a car for that long, you become attached.

For the thieves, no doubt, it was just a quick score so they could get high or hit up the strip club. That’s the sad reality of these situations and why we don’t have sympathy for car thieves. We don’t think many car enthusiasts have warm feelings towards the people who would take their beloved rides without a second thought.

Our hope is that someone recognizes this 1957 Chevy 150 and does the right thing. It could still be in Arizona, although at this point the thieves or someone else might have transported it anywhere in the US or possibly to Canada or Mexico.

We just hate to see someone’s beloved vehicle stolen, especially someone who put it all on the line to serve this country.

Image via AZFamily/YouTube

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