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Someone Threw A Steel Beam From An Overpass, Hitting An SUV

A man is lucky to be alive and healthy after a steel beam was thrown from an overpass, striking his SUV’s windshield and narrowly missing him. The incident has shocked people but it’s not the first time we’ve seen this sort of thing.

Typo allegedly leads to police pulling guns on a father and daughter during a traffic stop.

This incident happened in Lynwood, Washington on April 30 on northbound I-5 at the 164th St. SW overpass, says KOMO News. It’s not hard to see how such a thing could kill or seriously injure someone.

Witnesses told police they saw someone throwing debris off the overpass around the time of the incident. It seems the one man’s SUV was the only vehicle hit. This could’ve been so much worse.

As we’ve covered before, people throw things off overpasses for perhaps a variety of reasons. Maybe they’re bored. Perhaps they think it’s a fun game. Or maybe they want to hurt someone. We don’t know who did this or why, but it’s not funny or a game.

In the past, we covered a horrific story out of Colorado where a woman was killed because some kids threw large rocks at cars. One of them went through the windshield and the woman died instantly. It’s a horrific and senseless way to go.

We’re glad this case turned out better. But there’s a fear the person, who hasn’t been caught, could strike again. The next time the people riding in the car hit by debris might not be so lucky.

If you ever see someone throwing anything off an overpass or into traffic from anywhere, at the least get a good description of how they look. Even better take photos/video and call police. These kinds of stunts can be deadly.

Image via KOMO News/YouTube

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