There are very, very, few original rare muscle cars that I would care about owning. A COPO 9561 or 9560 1969 Camaro would be awesome, but I’m still totally good with a clone. I’m not likely to want something totally stock anyway, so why not just build something that feels like it but that I don’t have to worry about and couldn’t afford anyway? But there are obviously lots of folks out there that care about how rare or special their car is/was originally. Steve Magnante is an expert on original, and is like the Rain Man of car facts. I love him for it, and he’s been this way for decades, so when he throws up a video about a Plymouth Superbird and is going to tell us whether this thing is the real deal or a clone, I’m listening.

I’m a Chevrolet guy, but anyone that doesn’t like a winged Mopar is a weirdo in my book. I like a Road Runner anyway, but a Superbird is something special. These cars are cool as hell, have amazing history, and I’ve had the privilege of being around quite a few of them.

Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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