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Suspect Fleeing In Stolen Dodge Charger Crashes Into Something Familiar

A suspect in a stolen Dodge Charger Scat Pack tangled with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, ultimately crashing in his attempt to get away. However, there’s a weird twist at the end which has us laughing a little.

Hit-and-run driver caught all thanks to an Apple AirPod.

The police chase and subsequent crash happened on the afternoon of May 31 when police tracked down the driver who had an open warrant for assault with a deadly weapon. Violent offenders often don’t go quietly when police try taking them into custody and this guy was no exception.

The chase began on the interstate, the suspect using the wide open road to his advantage, pushing the Mopar muscle car to high speeds rapidly. However, a helicopter up above was able to track his movements safely, allowing officers on the ground to know where they should go.

Ultimately it wasn’t police who took this fleeing suspect down but instead the suspect himself. He crashed the Dodge and ran off on foot, but officers were able to chase down and arrest him.

Footage of the crash scene taken by WCNC shows the Dodge Charger Scat Pack which was driven by the suspect. It has heavy front-end damage which we can only assume is from the crash. It’s enough to disable the vehicle, explaining why he bailed and ran away on foot.

What’s really interesting is there’s a second Dodge Charger Scat Pack at the scene, not too far from the first. It has rear-end damage. So we’re wondering if the suspect didn’t crash into another Scat Pack. What are the chances? In Charlotte, probably pretty high.

This chase ultimately shows the power of having an eye in the sky, especially when police are dealing with a suspect vehicle that’s much faster and more powerful than their patrol cars. That, combined with the radio, can be an unbeatable combination.

Image via WCNC/YouTube

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