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Suspect Makes Critical Mistake During Police Chase

Normally we don’t find a police chase involving a suspect driving a Chevy Malibu all that entertaining. After all, the modern Malibu can’t be had with a thumping V8 or any truly thrilling performance. What makes this chase interesting is the unbelievably stupid move the suspect makes while a Georgia trooper is right on his tail.

Watch police immediately end a chase using the Grappler Bumper.

Like so many police chases, this one started with the trooper clocking the suspect going well over the speed limit in the opposite direction. After flipping around and catching up with the Malibu, the suspect does the smart thing and pulls over instead of running for it.

The problem was the suspect said she didn’t have her driver’s license with her and simply provided her name to the trooper. After the trooper looked her up on the system he concluded she gave him false information. When the trooper’s supervisor showed up to help with the traffic stop, the suspect decided it was time to take off. Spoiler alert: she had active warrants.

From there it was a fairly typical police chase with the suspect driving recklessly, likely to throw the trooper off. That probably was about the only trick she knew and so she played that card repeatedly. Considering she was driving a far less powerful vehicle, it’s understandable yet also awful to put so many innocent people at risk. This is why we tell people to just pull over and take whatever consequence is coming instead of running from police. If you think you’re being unfairly treated, work it out in court.

Where this suspect really screwed up is when she tried making a U-turn with the trooper right behind her. All he had to do is T-bone her as she came out of the apex and keep driving, pushing the Malibu up onto the sidewalk and deploying the airbags. After the suspect was apprehended, it didn’t take long for smoke to start pouring out from under the hood. A little while later, despite troopers using a fire extinguisher on the car, it caught fire.

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