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Suspect Survives Being Thrown From Car After High-Speed PIT

High-speed PIT maneuvers can be risky, even for well-trained law enforcement like Arkansas State Police. But when suspects run at well over 100 mph and put other people on the road at risk, it’s one of the few ways to put an end to the pursuit in a hurry.

Watch a cop PIT a Dodge Ram to hell.

The guy in this dramatic dashcam footage does just that, weaving around slower traffic on a two-lane highway with nothing but a painted line keeping him from implanting in the front end of some innocent person’s vehicle.

Arkansas troopers are hot on his tail, and when one of them gets the chance to PIT the fleeing car, he does just that. Thankfully, in this scenario the trooper doesn’t wreck out. We’ve seen plenty of high-speed PITs where they have and it ends badly.

Instead, the suspect’s vehicle flips six times. The guy obviously wasn’t wearing his seatbelt, because people rolling around in hot cars are always ready to bail and run away on foot. But that strategy doesn’t work so great if they wreck out.

Somehow, the guy not only survives being flung literally into the dirt, he seems completely uninjured. In fact, he tries running off as the secondary trooper pulls up to the wreckage. It’s like the crash didn’t even phase the guy at all.

He definitely had some luck in this situation since usually being thrown from a vehicle, even at lower speeds, comes with a severe cost. This is why you should wear your seatbelt at all times.

The icing on the cake is the guy claiming he had no idea the car was stolen, yet he’s wearing nitrile gloves just to drive around in it. Who does that unless they’re in a boosted ride they don’t want to leave any prints on? It’s such an obvious lie, but criminals just can’t help themselves.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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