Like the first time you take a bone stock car to the drag strip or when you bring a project to the dyno before wrenching on it, there’s real fun pushing tired old stuff to its limits. This video shows a 1970s Chevy pickup truck with a really hot motor and a bone stock suspension hammering on the truck at a Goodguys autocross. To say that he’s the hardest working man in show biz on this day would be an understatement but he may have been having more fun than anyone else at the place. His passenger certainly was as the guy has a smile on his face that couldn’t be removed with a cold chisel.

These early 1970s trucks are the hottest things going right now in the pro touring world and companies like RideTech offer a huge array of systems from air to coil over that will turn these big guys into asphalt gripping monsters. It seems odd that these trucks would gain popularity in this genre of the hobby but when you look at the fact that they are relatively light, can handle a massive tire without much trouble, and are very basic in their construction so can be easily modified, the math makes sense.

We’re wondering if this truck has been hot rodded in the cornering department, yet. Putting some good parts under it, throwing the bench seat out for a couple of buckets, swapping in a quick ratio steering box, and making sure that the already high strung engine is ready to rumble will make this thing less of a side show and more of the main attraction at the ever growing number of autocross events that dot the landscape. This is big fun caught on tape!


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