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That’s Not Tire Smoke: C7 Corvette Catches Fire During Takeover Event

While street takeovers are often in street intersections, sometimes the lovely illegal events are held in large parking lots. That’s the stage for this C7 Corvette Stingray ripping some smokey donuts when it runs into a big problem and catches fire.

An electric car fire burned a house even though it wasn’t sitting in the garage.

The street takeover crowd isn’t exactly smart nor are the really enthusiasts. We see them not only trash cars real gearheads would treat kindly, but they also constantly demonstrate how bad they are at driving.

This driver pushes the C7 Corvette hard as he roasts the tires. But that tire smoke is soon joined by smoke billowing from the engine bay. Finally noticing, the driver slows and stops, that telltale grinding sound making us grit our teeth as fluid gushes out from the chassis.

That’s when the fire really kicks into high gear, the flame burning brightly under the American sports car. The poor thing has been abused by those who clearly don’t care about it. And most likely it’s stolen, as many street takeover vehicles are.

However, the crowd goes wild. It’s these types of failures they really love to see. Sure, smoky donuts might get them some more TikTok or Instagram followers, but a Corvette catching fire, that could go viral.

Like we said before, this just further proves our point, that the street takeover crowd isn’t a bunch of car enthusiasts. It’s just like the YouTubers who trash dream rides just to get views, money, and attention, these guys really don’t care about the machines. They would light a pile of money on fire if it made them internet famous.

We don’t know what happened to this C7 Corvette Stingray, only that it left a nice puddle of what looks to be oil in the parking lot and that several guys pushed it away.

If it belongs to the guy who was driving it, or it’s his daddy’s car, it might be fixed with some bad consequences to follow. Otherwise, it sadly might have been dumped, torched, or both.

Images via corvettesforyears and instavettes/Instagram

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