It has been too long since we’d talked heavy equipment here on BangShift. Today we’re fixing that with this killer John Deere promotional film for their 860 elevating scraper that was designed to scoop up Earth and get it right out of the way of whatever project the machine was working on. Unlike the normal style scraper that just kind of opened it’s bowl at the bottom and forced the Earth in, this one used an elevator system to constantly scoop and deposit the Earth into the bowl. Effective designs both but here in 2020 we don’t seem to see a lot of elevating scrapers on jobs as much as we do the standard style, right?

We love the tech, the operator instructions, and everything about this sales pitch from John Deere for their design. What’s also interesting in 2020 is that we don’t really think of John Deere as a maker of Earth moving equipment as much as we do a maker of farm equipment. The Earth moving seems better left to the Caterpillars of the world among others.

Long story short, everyone finds their niche, their market, and then works it. John Deere makes good stuff but it seems that the 860 never really caught the market on fire.

Press play below for some vintage 1969 heavy equipment goodness –

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