A new study might have you rethinking your ride for your next date. A survey performed by UK car website Scrap Car Comparison involved asking over 2,000 people questions about their biggest driving turn-ons and turn-offs with some revealing results.

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Funny enough, the top “ick” brand from the survey was BMW. While not everyone is turned off by someone driving a Bimmer, apparently a good number of people in the survey are. Is it because of stereotypes about drivers in that brand being overly aggressive or rude? Possibly.

What’s even more interesting is Fiat landed in the second-most unattractive spot for brands. We tend to think Fiat is everything BMW isn’t, so that’s curious. Skoda, Smart, Audi, Daewoo, Dacia, Citroen, Kia, and Nissan rounded out the top ten. You’ll notice most of those brands have a reputation for being cheap. Very interesting, indeed.

At the other end are the top ten car brands people consider a turn-on: Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW, Audi, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Bugatti, Jaguar, and Bentley. Yes, BMW and Audi appear in both lists – go figure. You’ll also notice every brand people think are a plus are expensive, also likely not a coincidence. The methodology section of the survey doesn’t say how many men versus women were surveyed, but these results tend to make use think the pool of respondents was tilted more toward women.

People in the survey were also asked about their driving turn-offs or things they wouldn’t want their date to do. Topping the list was driving after drinking any alcohol, so responsibility is key. Dangerous driving, using their phone while driving, driving without a license or on a suspended license, and posting selfies on social media while driving were also up there. We would think these are all no-brainers, but sadly common sense isn’t as common as one might think.

The top five driving turn ons are flashing headlights to say thank you, owning an electric car, singing while driving, driving exactly at the speed limit, and driving while resting one hand on the passenger’s lap. These results are the most, uh, interesting of the entire survey. First off, maybe Brits are really attracted to Teslas and the like, but here in the US they’re a more divisive topic. Singing while driving is also somewhat controversial, especially if your date can’t sing well at all or just butchers the lyrics to a great song. And driving with your hand in the passenger’s lap isn’t exactly a safe practice, so that’s an odd choice.

Keep in mind these results were for people in the UK, so obviously the results would be different here in the US. If you want to see the full results, check them out here.

Images via İbrahim Hakkı Uçman, Lum3n, Leeloo Thefirst