To the shock of absolutely no one, the Mercedes G-Wagon has been named  as the least energy-efficient vehicle you can buy in 2024. Considering the thing is almost a literal brick on wheels with a big, thirsty engine, this is perhaps one of the most obvious statements, yet the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy went ahead and put the luxury SUV in the top position for its Meanest List.

Who knew the Toyota Prius is great for running from police?

This was all part of ACEEEs GreenerCars annual assessment where the organization lavishes praise on the cars its decided are the most environmentally friendly and shames those it thinks are destroying the planet.

The top five for the Meanest List also includes, in order, the Ram TRX, Ford Raptor R, Cadillac Escalade V, and Dodge Durango SRT. So basically all the really cool trucks wed love to own. Is that a sign?

Funny enough, a single EV made that shameful list, the GMC Hummer EV SUV at number nine.

As for the Greenest List theres nary a Tesla on it, which seems rather odd. Number one is the Toyota Prius Prime SE, and there we thought the Prius was a has-been with the green crowd. Then theres the Lexus RZ 300e, Mini Cooper SE, Nissan Leaf, and Toyota bZ4X to round out the top five. Is it a coincidence all five are incredibly boring rides we absolutely would kick out of our garage in two seconds flat?

The ACEEE also came out with a Geener Choices list that takes accessibility into account. After all, a lot of EVs and plug-in hybrids are expensive and as the organization points out some drivers do not have adequate access to EV charging. The top five on that list are all boring: Honda Accord, Kia Niro FE, Mitsubishi Mirage, Lexus ES 300h, Lexus NX 350h.

The choice is yours: be bored to death and impress the ACEEE or have fun and be shamed.

Image via Mercedes-Benz

Source: ACEEE

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