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The Ram 1500 Classic Could Be Done In The US Market

Some thought it was curious Ram was selling the previous generation 1500 under the Classic name for years after the fifth-gen truck launched. But many others have flocked to what they perceive as a manageable simplicity and affordability of the old school pickup truck. That party has ended in Canada with Stellantis officially announcing the Ram 1500 Classic is canceled in that market.

Hurricane-powered Rams will cost you dearly.

The big question now is if the US market will also see the Ram 1500 Classic go the way of the dodo. That seems likely considering how offerings between the two countries are incredibly similar. It’s also likely it will be axed for the Mexican market.

Originally launched in 2008, what we now call the Ram 1500 Classic was badged as a Dodge, so it’s been around for some time. Stellantis spun off Ram into its own brand in 2010, but plenty of people still call them Dodge Rams. Old habits die hard.

Stellantis says production has ceased for Canadian Ram 1500 Classics, so whatever is in the distribution pipeline is all that’s left. We wonder how quickly buyers north of the border will snatch those up, knowing no more are coming.

When those are gone, the Ram lineup there will consist of the 1500, Heavy Duty, Chassis Cab, and ProMaster.

More entry-level or commercial buyers have flocked to the Ram 1500 Classic, which typically is priced about $7,000 less than the base fifth-generation 1500s.

If the offering were to go away in the US, which it certainly looks like that’s going to happen, truck shoppers would be faced with more expensive options moving forward. After all, that would relieve some pressure on GM and Ford, which could mix up their truck pricing strategies accordingly.

Image via Stellantis

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