It’s time for another installment in the saga that is Dylan McCool’s 1969 Dodge Charger. This thing is a basket case, but he’s plugging away at making it into something he can actually drive and enjoy. Check out the latest video below, where EFI and cooling happen.

I’ve recently seen some cars that seemed impossible to bring back to life end up being beautiful rides. With the amount of restoration parts available, you can build a lot of muscle cars from scratch nowadays, with zero factory parts. To be honest, it has made it so that cars that otherwise would have been considered a total loss can be brought back to life if the vin and firewall and title are good. Everything else can be cut off and replaced!

So when Dylan asks if his 1969 Charger can be brought back to life after sitting all these years, I say SURE! Check out the first video in the build using the link below. If you’ve already seen that one, the latest video can be watched down below as well.

Video Description:

HUGE thank you to our sponsors for today’s video. We tackle EFI with an all new fuel system, a new aluminum radiator, and add one of the best batteries in the business! Will it run at the end of the video? Stick around to the end to find out!

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