Yello Belly Dragstrip is located just a few minutes outside of downtown Dallas Texas, and is an outlaw race track to be sure. Often referred to by locals as “The Gut”, it’s a place that you really have to attend to understand, and I love it. It’s crazy, and it’s sketchy, and it’s a riot. LOL And when you have Kyle and the crew at 1320Video tell you that it is the rowdiest place they have ever been to, that is saying something because these dudes have been everywhere.

Video Description:

We found our way back to Yello Belly Drag Strip, a Texas track with one of the wildest atmospheres we’ve seen at a drag strip! The starting line is insane with how many people gather up to watch and make plenty of side bets. In this video, you’ll watch one of the small tire races put on that weekend and it was what we had hoped for! Tons of fast cars and close races, exactly how we like it!

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