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Thief Crashes Camaro In GM Factory Lot Heist

With the last of the Camaros already off the assembly line, it seems everyone wants to put one in their garage. That includes thieves, like a group of men who tried stealing some just last week. One of them crashed a factory-fresh Camaro, sending himself to the hospital.

Angry Texas man gets his own stolen Camaro back.

We’ve seen other heists where thieves have stolen Camaros, Shelby GT500s, etc. and led police on high-speed chases after. Either GM has upgraded its storage lot security or this latest group, which tried making off with multiple Camaros, just isn’t as skilled.

As WILX reports, Michigan State Police based out of Lansing made the bust after the unsuccessful theft attempt. The man who crashed the Chevy Camaro is from Detroit and we’re just not shocked about that one bit.

The heist attempt went down just before 5 am on April 5 at a storage lot in Windsor Township. MSP arrived on scene to see the one man driving the white Camaro around the secured lot. As he was trying to escape he wrecked out, although we don’t know exactly how.

Other suspects who were also trying to steal new vehicles from the storage lot fled from MSP and weren’t caught. Considering their buddy was injured and needed medical attention, they took full advantage. What great friends.

MSP is still looking for those suspects. We imagine they’re all from Detroit and probably have great experience with stealing cars and running from cops. They probably also have criminal records.

Ultimately, this probably means a factory fresh, totaled Camaro will be arriving at a Copart lot in the near future, so you can bid on it soon enough.

Image via WILX/YouTube

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