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Thieves Steal Dodge Demon 170, Damage High-End Cars In Dealership Heist

Car thieves have been treating dealerships like vending machines for a while now, and in some areas the problem is serious. One of the most shocking heists recently went down in Riverside, California where not only was a rare Dodge Demon 170 stolen, but several other high-end performance cars were seriously damaged.

Albuquerque’s police chief has so far faced zero consequences after shocking crash.

Right at the beginning of footage taken by OnScene TV we see a poor V10 Audi R8 with severe damage all down the driver’s side, including the window shattered. Drag marks next to the German supercar indicate it was the victim of whatever vehicle was used to pull the Demon out of the spot next to it.

According to the dealership, the Audi R8 is valued at $170,000. We hope insurance covers the loss of value.

Also damaged in the heist was a rare Jeep Gladiator AMW 840. While some might not think it looks like much, the off-road pickup is valued at a whopping $210,000. Thankfully, it only suffered a broken window.

We’re guessing the thieves were thinking of taking the Jeep but for whatever reason decided against it. Perhaps there was aftermarket security added to the rig which made swiping it impossible for this crew.

With how in demand the Dodge Demon 170 is, we’re just not shocked thieves would go to such great lengths to steal one. After all, we’ve seen dealers gouging big time for the privilege of owning one, charging well above $200,000.

In this case, the dealer said the Demon 170 is worth $250,000. That sounds about right, sadly.

People rightfully want to know why car insurance rates are so high. Car theft is partly to blame, so before you brush incidents like this off as someone else’s problem, keep in mind you literally pay the price of thieves’ selfish behavior.

Image via ONSCENE TV/YouTube

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