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Thieves Try Stealing C7 Corvette From Dealership

Car dealerships have become popular targets for car thieves looking to score high-end rides. While we see some theft rings who are polished and really know what they’re doing, the criminals who tried stealing a C7 Corvette from a dealer in Pennsylvania weren’t so skilled.

Five suspects flee from police in a C7 Corvette.

The whole thing went down in the early morning hours of May 29 in Lancaster County. WGAL reports the suspects originally went onto the nearby Manheim Auto Auction property before hitting up surrounding dealerships.

You can se in surveillance footage shared by WGAL one suspect wearing a hoodie simply smashes in the passenger window of the C7 Corvette. That’s not something a skilled thief would do. After taking out the glass, he just dives inside the sports car, pulling himself to the driver’s side.

We don’t get to see how he boosts the Chevy, but we’re guessing he reprogrammed the ignition. Although we do see the Corvette’s alarm goes off.

In the next clip of the surveillance footage, barely in the camera frame we see the guy ram the fence around the dealer lot using the C7 Corvette. It seems these guys didn’t have much of a plan for getting the vehicle out of there once they got it started, another indication they’re amateurs.

You’ll notice a Camaro is sitting on the side of the road, waiting for the guy trying to steal the Corvette. When he can’t, the Camaro driver comes over to help pull apart the damaged fence.

Just then police show up and that’s where the clip ends. Apparently, there was a brief chase with the Camaro and it was called off for public safety reasons. So the thieves didn’t get the Corvette in the end, but they did get away.

Image via wgaltv/YouTube

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